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"America Works Best Union Free"

American Flag Hard Hat Stickers

Due to overwhelming popular demand Union Free America is proud to offer an American Flag "America Works Best Union Free" hard hat sticker.  These are high quality, 2 1/4" round pressure sensitive stickers that are perfect for hard hats or tool boxes.

The idea for this sticker started out as a way of poking fun at Alcoa for the way it caved in to pressure from the Steelworkers Union on the issue of putting pro-union stickers on company hard hats.

The Steelworkers' stickers are an American flag with the words "Buy Union, Buy American."  The company said it didn't want stickers on its new bright orange hard hats because they cut down visibility, that it was a safety issue.  But the Steelworkers said that it was a free speech issue and filed charges with then NLRB.  As soon as the NLRB held a hearing, even before there was a decision, Alcoa caved-in.

To provide a balance, and to have a little fun, Union Free America offered to provide Alcoa with American flag "America Works Best Union Free" stickers.  So far we haven't heard from Alcoa about that offer but when we started to publicize it demand for the stickers was overwhelming so we ordered a large supply.

We will send you a sticker for a $1.00 contribution to cover the cost of the sticker and postage. We will also make deals on quantity orders. Please inquire by sending an e-mail to "American Flag Sticker."

In addition to the sticker we have incorporated this new design in a button and t-shirt.  For more information about these and other Union Free items, please visit our store.


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