Union Free America

Top Ten Reasons Why I Don't Want A Union

10. The union doesn't write my paycheck.

 9.  Unions would rather cause problems than work together.

 8.  Union scale means the best workers are carrying the worst.

 7.  The people who want a union really need one.

 6.  Too corrupt.

 5.  Too political, too liberal and too partisan.

 4.  Unions are only about power and money for the ones who run the union.

 3.  Unions are negative about everything but how great they are.

 2.  I like to work steady.

 1.  I've got too much self respect.

We're working on a way to vote on these online. Until we figure that out, please send an e-mail indicating your top three choices.

If you don't like these choices, send us a suggestion for a better one.  When we have enough suggestions we'll have a contest for the best one and the person who suggested it will win some sort of prize.

We will do a news release just before Labor Day announcing the top ten.

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