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This web site is dedicated to the vast majority of American workers who have chosen to deal directly with their employers rather than through a union.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2011 only 11.8% of all employees were union members and on private payrolls it was just 6.9%.

This is not a "love your boss, he can do no wrong" web site.  Whether you like your employer or not isn't the point.  

Most American workers don't want to be union members, but they are playing against a stacked deck.  It is stacked even worse if they are stuck with a union and want to get rid of it.

The purpose of this site is to provide information and encouragement to employees who want to stay or become Union Free.

Legislative Alert: Congress is considering a bill to deny employees a secret ballot vote on union representation. This bill is perversely named the "Employee Free Choice Act."

Why I Don't Want A Union - The top ten reasons not to be union. If you don't like the choices, enter the contest.

Union Membership In America - Here's the latest information about the decline in union membership.

Where can I get information about union finances? Find out about union finances by checking the reports unions file with the U.S. Department of Labor.

Where can I get information about union political contributions?

Do unions spend dues dollars on politics? Does a fish swim?

Unions and ACORN - Labor union support for a radical leftist organization.

Where can I get information about union corruption?

Staying Union Free - The union organizer is at the door.

Decertifying a Union - Regaining your freedom.

Rules for Radicals - The Rules of Power Tactics from Saul Alinsky's book

2010 Most Decertified Union Award - Teamsters win again

Neutrality Agreements and Card Checks - Union desperation and employer cowardice an injustice to employees.

Auto Industry - Union Ain't Wanted

Killing Jobs - Labor Unions Are Dying! Are They Killing Our Jobs, Too?

Sinking Ship - Would you book a cruise on a sinking ship?

Public Employees - Union Issues In Public Employment Are Different

Healthcare Providers - Healthcare Employees Are In The Union Organizers' Crosshairs

Construction workers - the Hard Hat Corner

Hard Hat Stickers - American Flag "America Works Best Union Free"

No Holds Barred - Fake study funded by unions says employers oppose unions

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